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Natural and Synthetic Superabrasives - PDC Blanks - PCD/PCBN Tools Specialized Diamond Tools - Process Automation - Technical Consulting.

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PDC Blanks


• Synthetic and natural industrial diamonds and cubic boron nitride powders and grits for use primarily by diamond tool makers and in other related industries.

• Technical support and consultation is available on the application of all our products.

• Special grades/sizes can be stocked.

Axon Projects


• A range of diamond wire products and diamond wire saws and related  drilling equipment.

• Diamond wire and Diamond wire sawing machines for concrete.

• PDC Drill blanks, PCD and PCBN cutting tools.

• TSP and TC wear parts

Axon Superabrasives
CBN Series 2012 projects.pdf Metal Bond Series 2012 projects.pdf Micron Series 2012 projects.pdf  PDC-PCD series Superabrasives.pdf

CBN Series

Metal Bond Series

Micron Series

PDC-PCD series

Natural Series.pdf Quality Control.pdf

Natural Series

Quality Control

Compounds Series.pdf

Compounds Series

Diamond Granite Wire for Quarries.pdf

Diamond Granite
Wire for Quarries

Diamond Multi Wire for Slab Cutting.pdf

Diamond Multi Wire for Slab Cutting

Quarry Consumables  Machinery.pdf

Quarry Consumables Macheniry



Wire for Block Squarring.pdf

Wire for Block

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